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So you’ve worked hard the whole year, and it’s time for a vacation. But what if the budget is tight as it gets, and you really can’t afford to go somewhere? Staycation – a vacation in your home town (or somewhere nearby) – may be your only option. Unfortunately I’ve had to resort to this type of vacation several times in the past due to, eh, overdue loans. On the bright side, I’ve become quite adept at this sort of vacation, so I’ve decided to share my top 10 staycation tips with you, dear readers.

When you sign you will get your own website with your affiliate link already working on it. Now all you need to do is to start advertising your business. You will also be given the marketing tools such as my site ads, banners, email ads and even audios and videos to get the ball rolling. It is important to be able to advertise your home business right away. When people can’t find your web site you will not make any money. So this is one of the first things that you want to start doing.

Make a commitment to change or clean your air conditioning filter more frequently. When your filter becomes dirty, your air conditioner is forced to work harder and that means additional greenhouse emissions are created.

Online shopping is a good idea for those who know more about prices, patterns and so on. However, when shopping online, make sure that the tile store is a major supplier in the area. Find out more about the store. If possible, look for different samples on sale and take a look at where the tiles are brought from. When will the nigeria online shopping make the delivery? What if you decide to buy from the store itself? Also, look for completed projects, photographs, client testimonials and the like. This will help you evaluate the quality of their services. Make sure that you choose a store that offers a large variety of tile stock. In that case, you need not approach another store for any of your needs. This makes sense financially too.

You must also know that some feeds are better than others. To make my site unique I would add more content to please Google. I would visit the merchant landing page for each item in my store and take info and product specs from the merchant site and incorporate it into my product description in my feeds on my my site. By giving more content to your visitors and the search engines your site becomes unique to the search engines. Since all merchant feeds are identical, yours will be much more unique and detailed.

As it turned out, the treadmills for sale in the newspapers at the time failed to live up to my expectations for the prices people wanted for them. My next step was to check out the garage sales. I tried to stick to the sales that were located in the more middle class neighborhoods and upper middle class so I could increase my chances. As luck would have it, a lot of people were thinking the same way I was. Save some money by not going to the gym, keep a hold of what you have. The ones I did come across tended to either be the manual type of treadmill, or far too large for the space I planned on housing it.

Even if you had enough money for a proper vacation (and you don’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), chances are you’d only visit one destination. Well, why not make a virtual visit to several of them during your staycation? Rent some (preferably illustrated) country guides, load up some mapping and visualization software and embark on a virtual voyage. You can also make a virtual visit to some interesting landmarks through 3D visualization software; for example check out the ancient beauty of Macchu Picchu or the fascinating architecture of the Forbidden City in China. You can also take screenshots of places you find interesting for future reference – who knows, when you budget improves you might want to actually visit these locations.

It runs Windows. I can still play games with my friends and switch back to OS X when I want to work! If you’re still thinking twice about buying a Macbook. Don’t. Stop thinking and just buy it. You’ll never regret your purchase.

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